The Big Question...

What's next? Well, that's always a loaded question. A Dying Gift is the first book in the Gifts Trilogy; however, each book can be read as a standalone. It's the characters that connect them, not an overall plot. We met Head Nurse Alex in A Dying Gift and he'll be one of our protagonists in A Healing Gift and the final book in the trilogy will be The Devil's Gift. I'm never without a WIP. No, seriously, I have over 100+ WIPs I'm working on and my little psycho-muse tends to throw more at me when I least expect it. She has been a wee bit obsessed with world-building lately, so I have a couple fantasy romance pieces in the works and I'm still working on the remaining books of the BL Entertainment series. I also have an online-only piece where members of my upper Patreon tiers meet my fallen angel Zeraphriel and his close companions, Naram-Sin and Ishkur. Although, Zeraphriel has been awful quiet lately which means he's probably up to something *sigh* It's rare for me not to write but it does happen. During those times, I'm usually reading or playing video games, watching movies, or loom-knitting. It's almost like a recharge…or maybe a factory reset, who knows! LOL!

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