Here's a sneak peek at A Dying Gift

Kian stared at the closed door, shocked. There was not a single person he encountered who dared to slam a door in his face, not since his eighteenth birthday. Hell, he didn’t think they even considered it before then. Well, Annaleese had, but she was his sister and that was different. She had been allowed to be a brat to him and he was a brat right back. It was the sibling rule. Kian knocked on the door again. He waited… and waited. Finally, the sound of footsteps approaching came through the door. The door was yanked open and he got the second kick in the gut. Tyler Koh was gorgeous and nothing like Kian pictured him. First, Tyler was almost as tall as he was, the top of his head reaching Kian’s nose. His black hair was cut extremely short on the sides while leaving the top longer and pulled forward over his forehead. His eyes, an almost symmetrical oval shape pinched slightly at the ends, were shaded by long lashes on top. The lower lashes were sparse, but it did little to detract from the beauty and intensity of his gaze. The curves of Tyler’s cheekbones weren’t sharp, neither were they so soft as to be considered feminine. His nose was straight and gently widened to form a triangle in the center of his face with the slightly wider lines of his mouth. His lips were imminently kissable, the bottom just the tiniest bit fuller than the top, begging to be nibbled. Tyler’s neck was a long tempting line Kian found very distracting and led to broad shoulders, the right one showing the edges of a tattoo. Letting his eyes continue their journey, Kian found leanly muscled chest and six-pack abs that appeared to be working toward an eight-pack. Tyler wasn’t a sedentary person if his body were anything to go by. The low-hung jean shorts displayed Tyler’s smoothly delineated Adonis belt, a particularly favorable spot on a man’s body for Kian. It wasn’t prominent, but rather defined in a way that didn’t disrupt the sleek lines of Tyler’s body. Long legs completed the journey down to elegant feet. Every inch of bared flesh was the most tempting shade of honey gold. Kian let his gaze thoroughly enjoy the return journey upward.

“Are you done ogling me?” His voice was soft, but strong and irritated. Kian shook his head and looked at Tyler.

“My apologies.” He said heat filling his cheeks.

“No harm in looking, but I can’t stand here all day while you enjoy the view.” Tyler said. “I have things to do and I’d like to do them while Jacob is sleeping.”

“Yes, he’s why I’m here.” Kian said pulling his thoughts together. “I… may have been a bit too blunt in my earlier statement.”

“You think?” Tyler snorted. “’You can give up custody of my nephew’ is about as subtle as a ten-ton elephant storming through Time Square.”


Tyler said. “Who do you think you are coming in here and demanding that anyway?”


“Never mind. It doesn’t matter. Jacob is my son and it’ll be over my cold, dead corpse before you or anyone else gets their hands on him.” Tyler said. “Good day, Mr. Charlemont, now, get the fuck off my property.”

Tyler turned around and slammed the door on him once more. Kian found himself staring at it again. That was the second time the door had been slammed in his face and his opinion of the act hadn’t improved. Clearly, a third attempt would be a wasted effort. He would have to regroup and come at the situation from a different angle. Kian turned and walked back to his car. He climbed in to his ILX and headed back to his office, his mind working to adjust the strategies he already had inside his head. In truth, simply blurting out those words hadn’t been his plan when he’d driven to Tyler’s house. He could only surmise the shock of seeing the exotic Asian man standing in the door as opposed to Annie’s usual All-American jock was what had derailed his carefully-laid plans. It had been a long time since the mere image of someone had knocked Kian off his game. That part of his life was kept on the sidelines as it should be.

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