Please bear with me!

Hello all!

You may have noticed some of my books are unavailable on the Dreamspinner site. This is because I have requested the rights back on books that are older than five years. This does NOT mean that I am not working with Dreamspinner Press anymore. I will continue to work with them because Elizabeth and company have always been good to me, approachable, friendly, and helpful. I adore working with them. In fact, I will be sending Phoenix Rising, book 2 in the BL Entertainment series, to them shortly for consideration.

I am in the process of reviewing my older works, so that I may make corrections, freshen them up a bit, and perhaps either expand or flesh out the story, and plan to rerelease them in the coming months. Never fear, they will return. It will just be under the BLE Press imprint! Thank you all for your patience and continued support while I get the hang of this stuff!

Much love and hugs!


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