"O! for a muse of fire..." - Shakespeare

I often talk about my muse as an insane adorkable bean with the occasional penchant for wielding a bull whip, but only when I put off working on an idea. Following up on an idea of the muse really does depend on what the idea is. For A Dying Gift, I began with a single scene which was the very first interaction between Kian and Tyler. Once I had that written down, I turned to how the characters looked. Once I have an image in my head, I think about what the characters are like,

E.T.'s Muse

their quirks, their personalities, whether or not they're outgoing or reserved, that kind of thing. In the case of A Dying Gift, the whole opening ended up changing and I think the way it starts out now worked out better because it establishes a more emotional connection for Tyler. Another thing that happens with my muse is I'll start with a standalone, like A Dying Wish, and as I'm writing, she'll decide it needs companions and what was one book will become three…or more.

This drawing was done for me by my dear friend Max. Thank you, Max <3!

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