A while back I posted a poll on my author page on Facebook. It was to choose an official logo for BLE Press. I had SO many images I'd put together and it was so hard to choose one. I'm a Libra, people. Decisions are difficult, especially when I like all the choices! I managed to narrow it down and then I shared those choices to see what people liked. After I got a pretty good idea of which ones were catching people's eyes, I narrowed it down to two. Believe me, that's pretty impressive for me. However, I still couldn't decide which one I liked more. One was pretty cute, a panda bear with glasses (love pandas!) and the other was a red and gold dragon (love dragons!). Two really cool logos with two very different feelings to them. The panda was playful, the dragon was impressive, powerful. I turned to my FB people once again. I left the poll up for about nine days, I think. When all was said and done, the dragon one by a landslide of 78% of the vote. So here it is, the new BLE Press OFFICIAL LOGO

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