It's all in the name?

A Dying Gift was originally titled Businessman Makes Three which Is, admittedly, a HORRIBLE title! You may have seen comments like this before. I am absolutely terrible at coming up with titles for my books! Occasionally, a story will actually name itself, such as The Oak Rings and A Midsummer Dream but more often than not, I struggle to come up with titles that don't sound either incredibly stupid or monumentally cheesy! I mean Night Kiss was originally called My Stan is a Vampire! So, what do I do to help me with this rather big problem? I actually use book title generator sites and talk with friends, and family. For A Dying Gift, I went to a book title generator site and then just kept clicking refresh until some of the suggestions inspired the title itself. Unfortunately, I can't remember which one I was using and so I was unable to thank them in the book itself. ☹ Either way, the combination of book title generators and feedback from friends and family is a helpful way to get good, even great, titles for your books!

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Here's the last sneak peek of A Dying Gift available for purchase today! YAY When he arrived at the house, Casey's car was already in the driveway. He pulled in behind her and got out. He straightened


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