Here's the last sneak peek of A Dying Gift available for purchase today! YAY

When he arrived at the house, Casey's car was already in the driveway. He pulled in behind her and got out. He straightened his suit and then walked to the door as calmly as he could. He wanted to run but a gentleman did not race across the front yard to see his boyfriend. He walked calmly and sedately to the door and rang the doorbell, his insides quivering with anticipation. Casey opened the door, Jacob in her arms, patting her face with his chubby little hands. Kian grinned.

"Hi, Kian. Come on in. Tyler's still primping." Casey said.

"I am not!" Tyler yelled. "Stop being a brat!"

"Nope, I'm going to tease you forever about your boyfriend." Casey said in a sing-song voice as she led the way into the living room.

"Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold." Tyler said as he walked out into the living room. "I can wait."

Kian's gut clenched as if he'd been kicked. Tyler wore a black suit with a black silk shirt, the top two buttons undone, revealing a tempting line of lightly tanned skin. He'd styled his hair to frame his face in short spikes drew focus to his eyes and cheekbones. A small what looked like diamond stud decorated his left earlobe. Kian moved before he realized he'd made the decision to do so. He cupped Tyler's neck, using his thumb beneath his jaw to push his head up, and kissed him, savoring Tyler's little moan.

"Uh-oh, Jakey, Uncle Kian is skipping a few steps." Casey said in a loud whisper. "He's supposed to wine and dine him and then get freaky. Guess he's in a hurry to get to the good stuff."

Kian pulled back slightly and rested his forehead against Tyler's. "You look amazing." He said softly.

"Um…" Tyler licked his lips then smiled and Kian bit back a groan. "You, too."

"Dammit, you two need to stop looking so damn romantic and perfect, and shit." Casey said with a pronounced sniffle.

"Watch your language." Tyler said almost absently.

"Pfft, yours isn't any better." She said. "Hurry up and get out of here before you scar me for life with your freaky selves."

"Brat." Tyler said as he kissed first Jake's and then Casey's forehead. Jake looked a little confused as they headed for the door and then his lower lip began to tremble. Tyler paused.

"Go, we'll be fine." Casey said. "He'll calm down a little bit after you leave."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I've been babysitting for a few years, now, Tyler. I know what I'm doing. Go. Enjoy yourselves." Casey said. Then she grinned. "Just don't get arrested for indecent exposure."

"Shut it." Tyler mock growled.

"I make no promises." Kian said amazed he'd kept the tremor from his voice. Seeing Jake's little pout almost made him want to cancel their dinner plans, too, but he'd been looking forward to getting Tyler to himself without the fear of interruption. When Tyler hesitated a second time, Kian put his hand on his lower back and gently guided him out the front door to the car. All during the ride to Albany, he kept up a steady stream of conversation to keep Tyler's mind off leaving Jacob. When they arrived at Yono's on Chapel Street, he was fortunate enough to find a parking space on Pearl Street, not an easy task on the best of days. Fortune was smiling upon him today. Tyler didn't necessarily like it when Kian opened the door for him, so he waited at the end of the car.

"Shall we?" He said gesturing towards the restaurant across the street. Tyler smiled and they began walking. A shiver ran up his arm as Tyler slid his hand into Kian's, twining their fingers together. Kian glanced over to see him blushing, shooting glances from beneath his long lashes. Kian smiled and squeezed his hand gently. A few moments later, they were waiting in line while the maître d' assisted other diners.

"I've never been here before." Tyler said as they were led to their table, tucked in a nice quiet corner.

"It is one of my favorite places to eat. It has a lovely combination of continental and Indonesian cuisine you can't find anywhere else in the city. Plus, they have live music tonight, too." Kian said as they sat down. "The service is excellent, the atmosphere quiet…romantic, I'd say."

"You're blushing." Tyler said with a small smile that did not-nasty things to Kian's body.

"When I made the reservation, I chose the restaurant I liked the best. I didn't stop to consider whether or not you would like the food here." Kian said after the waitress had served the complimentary appetizer. "In all honesty, I was more interested in making this date perfect."

"It's okay, Kian." Tyler said putting a hand on his forearm. "I actually do like both types of food."

"Thank goodness." Kian sighed with relief.

"You really want this to be special, don't you?" Tyler looked surprised.

"Of course. It's our first official date." Kian said. "Not that the other times weren't dates, but this one, it's just us here."

"Well, us and a restaurant full of other people." Tyler teased.

"Not for me." Kian said. "It's just us."

"Oh, you're killing me." Tyler whispered staring into his eyes.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No." Tyler said.

Then he blushed again and ducked his head. Kian watched him stare at his menu intently and grinned. Throughout the evening, he couldn't have said what they talked about. He found himself simply watching Tyler eat, returning his smiles when he was caught doing so, and just being awed by the fact they were sitting there together. He couldn’t have said what he ordered or drank though the wine service at Yono's was amazing. In truth, the only thing he really remembered was dessert and watching Tyler eat Kolak Pisang, an Indonesian Bananas Foster. It should be illegal or come with a warning label at the very least. The way he slid the spoon from between his lips and licked the sauce from them and the little pleasure sounds he made had Kian hard and aching in seconds, shifting in his seat. When the last banana disappeared between those tempting lips, he breathed a sigh of relief. He took care of their bill and then escorted Tyler to the car, right up to the door. Before he could open it, Kian turned him around and pressed him against the car, claiming his mouth. He could still taste the palm sugar and sauce on his lips.

"You are never allowed to eat Kolak Pisang in public again." Kian growled as he nibbled along Tyler's jaw. "Only in private, with me."

"Liked that, did you?" Tyler chuckled huskily, gripping Kian's forearms and shifting against him, brushing their erections together through the layers of their suits.

"Yes, very." Kian said nipping at his earlobe. "You require a warning label."

"I require you to keep kissing me." Tyler countered pulling his mouth back for another kiss.

Had Kian had his way, they would have ended up being arrested for public indecency. Thankfully, two things happened; wolf-whistles from a passing car and the need for air. Tyler laughed when he simply bundled him into the car and hurried to the other side. The return trip saw their fingers entwined once more, Tyler stroking the sensitive skin of his wrist with his thumb. When they arrived at the house, the porch light was on and a single lamp in the living room. They walked in to find Casey sitting on the couch, a text book open in her lap and a notebook at her side.

"Hey, brat." Tyler said quietly as he unbuttoned his suit coat, removed it, and laid it on the bench along the wall. "How did it go?"

"Like I said, calmed down shortly after you left. He just had his last bottle about an hour and a half ago and has been sleeping since." Casey said. "I got this. Did you enjoy your date?"

Kian rubbed the back of his neck as Tyler grinned at him over his shoulder. "Yes, yes, I did."

"I can tell. You have beard burn on your neck." Casey giggled. "I'll just leave you two alone then. Let me know if you want me to babysit again."

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Here's another peek into A Dying Gift just one day before release! For a hot as fuck day, he was in a good mood. Jacob hadn't spit up on him that morning and his poop was thankfully not as sticky and


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