Eight little reindeer pull his...

Yeah, my muse is a weird little thing. The other day I got it into my head (with a good chuckle) to write about reindeer shifters... and she was off. Now, I had written a piece for a winter anthology from Dreamspinner Press, but it was rejected. Honestly, after reading it through, I don't blame them. It needs a LOT of work. Anyway, I had another piece I had started for their Bah Humbug anthology but that story never seemed to flow right to the point where I could complete it and resulted from a spin-off of Hearth and Home with the character of Pinebough. So, I took a look at the two stories and my muse decided we were going to mush them together. Cupid's story is coming along nicely and flowing really well with Pinebough's. Cupid is a very cranky reindeer shifter. In fact, you can read a bit of it in the drabble section, the Dec 16th drabble; reindeer. To recap, you have Cupid, the very cranky reindeer shifter and Pinebough, the rather bah-humbug Solstice elf who has lost his creative Spark. Then you add Mark to the mix, a regular human who has managed to keep his Christmas Spirit in a world full of materialism and selfishness to the mix. Should prove an interesting little sleigh-ride, right?

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