Ah the Visual!

Visual Inspiration, why? I'm a very visual person. It's how I learn, I have to see it to really understand it, whatever IT is. So, when I'm writing, having a visual helps me to describe the character to my readers. That's not to say that ALL of my characters are visually inspired by real people. Some of them are so realistic in my mind's eye I can describe them in clear detail. This just isn't always the case. When it isn't, it's because the character's voice, their personality is louder than their physical appearance, if that makes sense. In the case of A Dying Gift, Kian's voice came first and then I found a visual to help me describe him while Tyler was the opposite. Having a visual also helps me flesh out the personality, triggering questions like "what is happening in this picture? Why is he smiling? What is he thinking?" and that helps to develop the character and determine how they will respond in certain situations. The fact that my visual inspirations are often hot asf, well, that's just an added bonus 😉

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