A Playlist? Who needs a Playlist?


Why a playlist, even a random one, is necessary!

I find it more difficult to write when my room is silent. I find silence INCREDIBLY distracting! It's worse than if the wrong music is playing for the story I'm writing. It's as if the music summons the characters for the story it was created for and then my muse is off and running in that direction…and she's a fast little bitch! LOL! But no, seriously, every little sound pulls me from my writing groove because it doesn't fit what I'm doing. Now, this isn't always a bad thing because I do have two young boys to take care of, but silence is AWFUL! I have a general writing playlist until the feel of the story is set and then I'll make a playlist suitable to the story. I have a love scene playlist 😉 and I have playlists for couples. Ironically, the playlist for A Dying Gift was actually the same playlist I created to help me put together the sound for TeMn, the duo/pairing for Tiger's Pride, the 3rd book in the BL Entertainment series. I'm not sure why it worked out that way, but the songs on that playlist just fit Kian and Tyler. I'll include the song list in the Notes for you if you'd like to see them! Do you have a playlist you write to or does music distract you?

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