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You'll notice that some of my books are currently unavailable. I requested the rights back on these titles after the five-year mark. I am currently in the process of reviewing each book and updating it with corrections, possible expansions, and the like. I hope to have them back up and available soon. Night Kiss and Hearth and Home are still available through Dreamspinner Press and the links will take you to their website for purchase. Desperate Measures is the first book, a re-release, under my own imprint, BLEPress, and there will be more to come!

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Night Kiss

BL Entertainment Book One

What could be frightening enough to freeze the blood of a centuries-old Vampire turned K-pop idol?

Being bound to someone.

University student Cheong Jin-woo dreams of working in the arts, especially for BL Entertainment and his favorite band, Bam Kiseu. After seeing the band perform, Jin-woo separates from his friends to explore. What he discovers backstage will change his life.

Does he embrace it or run?

Jung Ki-tae has kept his secret for centuries—until a young fan interrupts his feeding. Even more disturbing is the instant bond Ki-tae feels with Jin-woo—a complication he refuses to allow. Yet resisting becomes increasingly difficult as Jin-woo and a group of students win the chance to make a video for the band, working closely with them for weeks. The obsession Ki-tae felt toward Jin-woo—even before tasting his blood—deepens into genuine feelings, feelings that terrify Ki-tae. But when he finds a way to break the bond, he’s torn between severing the connection and protecting Jin-woo….

Especially with a mysterious killer getting closer.


Best M/M Paranormal Books Nominee 2019!

Desperate Measures


Little things mean so much...or make life so frustrating. Parker Devereaux has a dilemma and he'll need all of his partner's skills to make sure everything turns out right. Now, if he could just figure out where the hell Gregorio was, that'd be great.

Gregorio Montesano was a simple man with simple needs; good food, good cars, and Parker, especially Parker. After a day from hell, all he wants is to flop down on the couch and relax. One push of the answering machine button sends that lovely scenario swirling down the toilet. Parker needs him and he only has a short time to make sure the love of his life has what he needs. Can he do it in time?

Originally published in Don't Try This at Home Anthology from Dreamspinner Press in 2012, this story has had a few minor tweaks.

Hearth and Home

Thistle is a sweet elf with a kind heart. He tries his best to help all the other elves in Santa’s workshop. Unfortunately, Thistle tends to leave disaster in his wake despite his good intentions. He dreams of finding an elf who will love him in spite of his clumsiness, an elf he can make a home for. But what elf wants to live in constant peril? Thistle figures he should just stick with his anonymous treat baskets, especially where Bayberry, Santa’s production manager, is concerned.

Bayberry is a bit of a serious elf. A little distant from most of the North Pole crew, Bayberry is lonely. When another Thistle Incident occurs, pushing the production department behind schedule only a few weeks before Christmas, Bayberry gets a “suggestion” from The Big Guy to ask Thistle for help. What could an accident-prone elf do to assist him? But to Bayberry’s surprise, he might gain more than help with his monthly reports.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2015 Advent Calendar package "Sleigh Ride".

A Midsummer Dream

Arik Blackbourne has a talent for wringing emotions from his audience. He can make them believe in anything, including love, although he detest plays about love even more than love itself. When his best friend and director decides to do an erotic adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Arik bows out. Yet Arik’s past rears its head unexpectedly, forcing him to return to the play and take on the role of Helenus, the spurned suitor of Demetrius. Despite his dislike of the play, it might be tolerable if it weren’t for the man slated to play Demetrius.

Donovan Montgomery is an amicable man, but Arik Blackbourne tests the limits of his patience. When Arik leaves them high and dry, Donovan decides to get answers. While he still doesn’t care for Arik’s standoffish attitude, Donovan has to admit the man is smoking hot and seriously talented. What starts out as just a love scene soon becomes much more, and Donovan must fight Arik’s past to win the love of his life.

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Unseelie are vicious, heartless, and cruel, or so Merin believes. Then Tarel, an Unseelie warrior, comes to his rescue, and turns his view of the world upside down.

To escape the effects of his curse, Tarel exiled himself to the forest. He has enough issues with his own people, but he never thought he’d share his bed with a Seelie either, even if only by medical necessity. If Merin and Tarel can overcome their prejudices, they might see what a gift fate has given them.

2014 Daily Dose: Mended

Kai For Christmas

Kai O’Donnell hates Christmas. It’s not the blaring commercialism or the too-perky people. Being an interior designer, Kai can handle most people. But during Christmas, he has to deal with a man who gets under his skin like no other: Cade. Handsome—hand-me-a-towel-because-I’m-drooling-sexy—sarcastic Cade.

Cade Randall has been in love with Kai O’Donnell since setting eyes on the auburn-haired Native American. Falling back on his teenage habits, Cade picks on Kai every time they’re together. He wants Kai under his Christmas tree in nothing but a big red bow, his to keep forever, but Cade’s shenanigans may ruin something beautiful in the making.

Teacups and Roses

The second son of one of the wealthiest men in the city, Perry Loughton longs for simple comforts but fears nobody will want him for anything but his name and his money. While working as a steam cab mechanic to distract himself from his worries, Perry meets tea shop owner Alex, and soon shy Perry wants more than their casual association. With an optimistic heart and a natural talent for clockwork, Perry hopes his gifts will convey the feelings he can’t yet express in words.

Alexander Fitzgerald lives a quiet life with his handsome boyfriend Marcus. Alex just wishes the passion between them carried beyond the bedroom. Then the anonymous handcrafted gifts he begins receiving make Alex more and more curious about their maker, and the intricate devices might be the key to what’s missing from his life.

Blame it on the Cats

Despite his misgivings, Christopher Albion is unable to turn down his employer and dear friend David’s request to care for yet another stray kitten. So Chris takes the tiny feline to the vet for a checkup, not expecting the visit to change his life. Waiting for him is veterinarian Dr. Anthony Vicario, who is just what Chris needs to find fulfillment in life. But when David finds out, he panics—worried he’ll lose his best friend. Chris now has his lover and his best friend, but Anthony and David will have to come to terms with both of them being important in Chris’s life.

The Oak Rings

Bran O’Rury is living a simple life in ancient Ireland until a lover’s betrayal and a furious lynch mob force him into an ancient faerie ring. He wakes up in a strange world, in the care of a beautiful man who offers more questions than a simple peasant can answer. Their attraction is instant and magnetic, but their worlds are centuries apart. Will their romance be just a mystical memory, or is there a will and a purpose behind the fairy magic of the oak rings?

Daily Dose 2012 Daily Dose | Time is Eternity

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