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A Dying Gift

The Gifts Series Book One

Tyler and Annie were best friends and she'd helped him learn a very big fact about himself; Tyler Koh liked The D best. Even so, when she showed up on his doorstep looking ready to burst, he was completely unprepared for the bombshell she dropped at his feet. Still, he wasn't going to abandon her. They say great things come in small packages but sometimes, they come in big ones, too.

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"So, uncle Kian isn't such a bad guy after all, huh?" Alex said as he picked up a wing and propped his feet on Tyler's coffee table for their weekly movie night.


"No. He's been pretty nice since we met." Tyler said grabbing a slice of pizza. "I mean, you met him."


"Yeah and the packaging is, I admit, hot-as-fuck." Alex grinned. "I could certainly get behind that or beneath, whichever. Plus, he has a brain in his head, not something I have run into lately, I swear."


"That's because you attract the fluffy type." Tyler said pulling at the string of mozzarella cheese still connected to his slice. "That last one was a doozy."


"He wasn't that bad." Alex protested with an adorable pout.


"If I put a candle on one side of his head and blew in his other ear, I could have put the candle out." Tyler snorted.


"Okay, I admit, he was not the brightest crayon in the box." Alex chuckled. "But dayam, that boy was flexible."


"Sex is good but you keep telling me you want more than that, Alex." Tyler pointed out. "You want someone to hold you when you've had a rough day, who won't expect you to talk about it until you're ready, who will just be your strength when you're tapped out and need to recharge. You're not going to find that with fluffy types who only want to fuck and run."


"Stop being all sensible and shit." Alex grumbled. "Just press play and let's drool over Loki, Thor, and Heimdall for about six hours, m'kay?"


"Tell me I'm right first." Tyler said.




"Tell me I'm right."


"You're seriously holding my Asgardians hostage until I say it?" Alex said giving him the stink-eye.


"Yup, no Loki fix for you until you admit you want someone to love who loves you in return." Tyler said and he knew his grin was as evil as Loki's.






"Fine. You're right. Now, give me my Loki." Alex grumbled.


Tyler laughed as he pressed play on the remote.

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